Microsoft Virtual Academy – Free Microsoft Courses

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft’s Virtual Academy

  • What is Microsoft Virtual Academy?
    It is an online portal for IT professionals that offers a vast amount of information about Microsoft products and technology.  Designed with whitepapers, videos and reference materials, MVA gives the modern IT professional materials on topics that are found in IT today.  The MVA program gives rewards for completing programs.  There is also a points and rating system.   You can track your point progress and you will see ratings as follows – Bronze (0-99), Silver (100-499), Gold (500-2,999), and Platinum (3,000+).
  • Do the course count towards certifications?
    No.   But taking the courses familiarizes and helps the IT Professional understand current and evolving technologies.
  • Do you receive a transcript that you can use professionally?
    Yes.   You can download your transcript at anytime.   Course completion does not take place until the assessments are complete.
  • What is the value of Microsoft’s Virtual Academy?
    Not only do you learn some of Microsoft’s technology for free, you can use these type of courses for career advancement.
  • Are the assessments easy?
    No.  Microsoft offers challenging questions and a curriculum designed to be informative and educational.   You can retake the assessments as many times as you want.   Remember, with online courses, taking assessments just until you pass does not add value to your education.   Study the material  take notes and take the assessments when you are ready.
  • Are the courses really free?

Microsoft Virtual Academy


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