Red X on network icon – Windows 7

Have you ever experienced a red X   on the network icon in the taskbar on Windows 7?

Symptoms –

  • Red X on the network icon (by time on taskbar)
  • Still able to go to the internet

Click “Start or orb”
Run or Search box
type “dcomcnfg” and hit enter
Find: Component Services-Computers-My Computer-DCOM Config-netprofm
Right click “netprofm”
Click on “Properties”  select “Security”
Navigate to “Launch and Activation Permissions” section changed to “Customize”
Click “Edit”
Click “Add..”   Type “LOCAL SERVICE” as the object names then click “OK”
In “Permissions for LOCAL SERVICE”, select “Allow” for “Local Launch” and “Local Activition”  Click  “OK”, Click “OK”

All of the Windows Services should restart and you should be able to join domains, have the icon repaired and be able to perform all network tasks.

In the case where it is greyed out – On the general tab, you will see the Application ID.  Write this down.  Now open up regedit.

  • Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\the app id
  • Right click on the key
  • Permissions
  • Advanced
  • Ownership – Change to the Administrator
  • Click Apply and OK
  • Give the Administrator Full Control
  • Close out the registry

Other common problems may be-missing Network Adapters under connections

If you have this problem (above) you may need to re-register 3 dlls. Follow these steps. (Error normally found in Windows XP or 7)

Start, Run. cmd.exe

regsvr32 netshell.dll
regsvr32 netcfgx.dll
regsvr32 netman.dll

Also make sure Simple TCP/IP is enabled by following these steps:

a. In Control Panel, double-click Add or Remove Programs.
b. Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
c. Click Networking Services, and then click Details. Verify that Simple TCP/IP Services is turned on



services.msc set “WWAN AutoConfig” to automatic, and start the service.

In the device manager uninstall ALL network adapters. Then right click and select “Scan Hardware For Changes” allow windows 7 to install the adapters. (No need to select remove driver)

See our article –

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8 Responses to Red X on network icon – Windows 7

  1. robert johnston says:

    netprofm – everything in properties is grey’d out, incl security, cannot switch to customize

  2. lensflare says:

    Thank you it worked for me 🙂

  3. Brian McDohn says:

    The last instruction on un installing the network adapters in “device manager” worked for me on Win 8.1! Still would like to be able to grant more administrative privileges to my account;)

  4. Jorge says:

    This part solved the problem for me after hours trying… THANK YOU!
    In the device manager uninstall ALL network adapters. Then right click and select “Scan Hardware For Changes” allow windows 7 to install the adapters. (No need to select remove driver)


  5. Baris says:

    Thanx.. Works like charm..

  6. tebogo says:

    It was grayed out for me also. But what worked for me after trying different methods was goin in the device manager and disable my wireless lan card and then enabling it back and was able to access the internet

  7. Kevin says:

    Was able to correct the problem via the last advise, “WWAN AutoConfig” to automatic” Now able to access the Network, Thx!

  8. says:

    For months i have been looking for the answer. the last part hit the mark. Thank you so much.

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