Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 cloud antivirus

Kingsoft Antivius 2012 is in the top 100 of vb100 and they are also a Microsoft VIA member (Virus Information Alliance).  This cloud based software named Cheetah is fast and its slick design takes very little bandwidth when connected to the web.   The easy dial on the main screen allows you to quickly set and see the status of different components.   This software is a supplement to your other antivirus.

The settings menu which is a small arrow in the top right corner allows you to setup Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 and select your level of protection.   With an antivirus such as Microsoft Security Essentials, your computer will be well protected.

Virus Scan can be customized to scan the entire hard drive or just your documents.   You can manually removed suspected files or have the Antivirus remove it for you.

Boundary Defense defends you against infected usb or video files that are infected.

System Defense sets your ‘level’ of monitoring your computer.

Self Protection protects your computer against malicious destruction.

Trusted Files helps you keep your files that may be falsely identified as a virus.

Other Settings

Virus Scan on the menu allows you to select your option on how you want to scan your computer.  This also gives quick links to scan logs, usb drives, your quarantine area and trusted files list.


Defense allows you to turn on and off areas with quick switches.   With Boundary and these switches along with your antivirus, Kingsoft allows your computer’s defenses to be doubled.

Anti-Hacker disables services the common user may not use.  Be careful with these settings, this can make your computer’s remote access not accessible.


Quick Menu on Toolbar

With Kingsoft being in the top VB100, and working in harmony with your antivirus, this extra defense is fast and reliable.   Settings in Kingsoft can disable services user may not be familiar with so become familiar with the software before using it.   Link to Kingsoft.

Thanks Pat!


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