Testing IPv6 Teredo – A comprehensive list

Instead of trying to impress everyone with bits, bytes and binary, we’re trying to put these tips in layman terms for young IT professionals (quick start guides).

If you have installed your Teredo drivers and IPv6, you should receive a 2001: IP address on your Tunnel adapter if you do an ipconfig at a command prompt.   You can assign your self an ipv6 address based on this scheme if you are behind a router (home wireless or other) That is not IPv6 compliant.  How?

Teredo is a protocol that works behind NATed devices – (by the way, NAT is going away…yes going away.  Stateful firewalls and the security of IPv6 won’t require NAT anymore after you are 100% compliant)

It breaks down like this.  Your router gives you an IPv4 address with its DHCP server.  The IPv6 address you want is an  IP address a 128 bit address instead of 32 bits.   To see newer IPv6 websites, you’ll need Teredo to get you there (both IPv4 and IPv6).   So how does an IPv6 address break down?

Prefix     –    Teredo Server IPv4     –    Flags      –    UDP Port        –   Your IP address(Teredo Client)
2001:0:           4136:e378:                       63bf:              8000:                     c0a8:0405   <- is (Example)

So the first part doesn’t change (Prefix/Teredo Server/Flags/UDP Port) but where do you get the Teredo Client address?

You can take your ip address (IPv4) and put it into a conversion utility and  after the conversion, you but the hex number  to where the Teredo Client goes (above).

Is it working after you put it (The ip address)  into your network adapter statically?

Note:You won’t need a gateway or DNS in the IPv6 section – however you will need an IPv6 DNS server address that has an IPv4 numbering scheme to put in your router?

WhatIsMyIPv6.com test your 4, 6 or both


test-ipv6.com runs a comprehensive test where you can see results of test


ipv6-test.com checks for IPv6 Connection Test
ipv6-test.com Speed Test
ipv6-test.com Ping Test
ipv6-test.com PMUTD  (Determines possible MTU problems)


Wireshark IPv6 picture load from IPv4 and IPv6

Test your IPv6 speed to Japan

Global Eye Candy Chart

Arin’s wiki page on IPv6 Troubleshooting

Feel free to use Twitter, Facebook or the links below if this has helped you!   Please leave comments and suggestions that will help home users or businesses.

Pssst…need more help?  http://www.ipv6actnow.org/


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