MTU settings should be made smaller for IPv6

So as your ISP offers IPv6, you may notice something…slow internet.   Why?  As everyone scrambles to enable 6 to 4, you yourself have IPv6 installed and then something happens.   Your browser trys IPv6 first and you may notice some websites timing out before your computer switches to IPv4 when it needs to.  How do you fix it?

You may notice if you use TCPOptimizer that the reduction of your MTU from 1400 or 1480 may be ideal.  You see your IPv4 more than likely is around 1500 which is a system’s default.

You may have optimized your MTU under IPv4 to 1492 or 1472, making your internet faster with TCPOptimizer.   The minimum legal size is 1280 for IPv6.   1280 may be your best bet when your ISP truly goes to IPv6 and when the world is in confusion. :-/



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