Want to try a new Social site?

So.cl (Social) is Microsoft’s look into the world of going social on the web.  It was mistakenly published and seems to have been a research project that is now gaining steam.

If you have left MySpace and feel crowded with the other 901 million people on Facebook, then soon, very soon you can get into SO.CL.  But is it for you? If Google+ just didn’t work out and circles became confusing and no one jumped ship at Facebook, it may be different.   How? You see, So.cl is apparently a combination of social searching that allows you to interact with your social sites on a different level or to use video chat with friends.   So.cl would allow users to collaborate information and to interact like never before.

So is Microsoft stepping up to Facebook?  No.    Will we see more and more sites step up to Facebook? Yes.  Will they win the title of the #1 Social site?   It would be tough.  How tough?

With 901 million people on Facebook (let’s move their stuff)-

  • If 1 million people left daily, it would take 2.5 years
  • With >100 billion photos on Facebook, it would take around  273 years at 1 million photos per day

At Socl, you can sign in with Windows Live or even sign in with your Facebook account.   So what is So.cl really?  It is an experiment in open search that can (if you want it to) post information and share information in your stream on Facebook.    I see it being used as a window to Facebook for students and people doing research.


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