Making the consumer realize there is security threats is your job

Should we live in fear and distrust or should we be cautious and diligent with the protection of our data?  We worry about American companies taking away our privacy and tracking our every move.   What should we really worry about?  Everything.

With consumerization growing and our need for toys, we go about our daily lives forgetting that threats are real.   We forget that every day our computers, tablets, phones, servers, laptops, TVs, Blurays and every device that touches the web is being hit.   Hit by what?  Hackers, script kiddies and viruses.   As we move into a digital world at a breathtaking speed, we throw our hands in the air and ride the internet as though it is a roller coaster.  We forget that the enjoyment we have may come crashing down at any time and we are not at a theme park.

There’s a balance that is being overlooked and companies along with individuals are overlooking the basic need for diligent security.  With mom and pop businesses making up a majority of our businesses, these small businesses lack the expertise needed in protecting their information and their customers’ information.

  • Do they have a hardware firewall?
  • Is their software firewall on?  Is it monitored?
  • Are they getting updates on their computers? Firmware updates on their hardware?
  • Do they allow other family members access to the company computer?
  • Are other family members getting on the same network when visiting with their private device?
  • Is the wireless secure?  Who knows the key? (Password)
  • Are they surfing social sites and the internet on the company computer?
  • Is the screen turned away from customers?
  • Are files encrypted on the computer?
  • Are they using strong passwords and changing them? Who has access to the passwords?
  • Are they checking personal email?
  • Do they sell their old computer and destroy the hard drive?
  • Are they backing up files securely?   Is the backup going off site?
  • Are they properly sharing out folders?
  • Are they restricting users?
  • Do they practice physical security?
Here’s the truth. It isn’t really about small businesses.   As a matter of fact it isn’t about Enterprise level businesses.  It is about EVERYONE.

A recent report by the Pentagon has information which includes such possible threats such as China.

…Cyber Espionage and Cyberwarfare Capabilities. In 2011, computer networks and systems around the world continued to be targets of intrusions and data theft, many of which originated within China. Although some of the targeted systems were U.S. government-owned, others were commercial networks owned by private companies whose stolen data represents valuable intellectual property. In the hands of overseas competitors, this information could diminish commercial and technological advantages earned through years of hard work and investment. Intrusions in 2011 occurred in key sectors, including companies that directly support U.S. defense programs. Authoritative writings and China’s persistent cyber intrusions indicates the likelihood that Beijing is using cyber network….read more

So what does Cyberwarefare and Cyber Espionage have to do with businesses?  Everything.  Information can be stolen from anyone, anywhere on the planet.

The typical home user thinks these threats are against businesses, industries and government entities.   Little do they know home users are targets also.   It’s not about anti-viruses or where you go on the web, it is so much more.


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