Clean your computer correctly with SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner provides a cloud review of services, startup and other items BEFORE you remove items from your computer.  With SlimCleaner, the free cleaning program allows you to take control and THINK with peers and recommendations from the program before you make mistakes during cleanup.  Often you as an end user find services or startup items and wonder if you should remove the program or service.  With SlimCleaner you are in control of what you remove before removing it.

Cleaner screen shots, clean your startup, services, applications and even advanced information tabs.


Unsure of a service or other item.  Click more information and see what peers say!

Optimize your computer using the optimization tab!


Possible Hijack information – this allows you to see if a program is hijacking your computer.

Need to uninstall programs?  SimCleaner shows you the programs installed and offers an excellent uninstaller.

Browser customization tab

Shredder is available to get rid of sensitive and important daya

Easily access Windows Tools from SlimCleaner’s east to use interface.  Although you may use 3rd party defrag utilities or other utilities, this is a great shortcut to Windows Tools.

SlimCleaner is an excellent software to clean your computer….but remember, research and make decisions on what you should or should not clean by  seeing what your peers are saying before taking steps to clean or optimize your pc.   The aggregated cloud can save you a headache by providing peer and links to the information about your computer’s programs.


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One Response to Clean your computer correctly with SlimCleaner

  1. Wow, I was not aware that such a product existed. I’m constantly wondering if I should or should not delete a program from my computer. This looks like it’s easy to use. Thanks for the info, I’m gonna look more into this product.

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