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Forget the iPad, What People Really Want is a Windows Tablet

Take a look around and it’s easy to come to the conclusion that Apple’s iPad is what the masses want. After all, nobody’s standing in line overnight to purchase a PlayBook. Next on the list is Android, though only if … Continue reading

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Run another operating system inside of Windows 8

My hopes are that Microsoft is smart enough to keep what they have in Windows 8 when they put it onto tablets.  See our review – Mobile computing makes me crazy – Sanity out of Windows 8 – a review. Running on … Continue reading

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Keep your mind on track with MindOnTrack

Here’s a great program that allows you to enter tasks and use dozens of tags to prioritize, schedule and make into an easy to see graph.  MindOnTrack  

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Burn a CD/DVD with a netbook

Don’t have an external DVD/CD burner?  Use Paragon Net Burner.  Net Burner allows you to burn across your network.  Free Version.

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Did we go to the moon?

Absolutely.  The conspiracy truly involves the cold war and  American technology at the time. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is slowly mapping out the moon and with that, the Apollo landing sites can be seen and although initial pictures were grainy, the … Continue reading

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