Scan your network and find open ports

You can use PortScan to check the security of computers on your network to see which ports are open.   Common ports such as 135-139 is NetBios (the computer can be found on the network by its name) and 445 which is File and Print sharing (usually this means that files are being shared).


Free ‘HoneySink’ Tool Captures Botnet Traffic – Dark Reading

Researchers have built an open-source “sinkhole” tool for catching bots inside an organization, as well as for researchers studying botnet activity. The so-called HoneySink tool — released in beta by the Honeynet Project — works with DNS, HTTP, FTP, and IRC protocols. Free ‘HoneySink’ Tool Captures Botnet Traffic – Dark Reading.


World’s most inexpensive PC

How about a linux server or linux workstation for $25 or $35?   Coming in November – the Raspberry Pi!  Get on the mailing list.   How small will it get?  How about small as a flash drive?

Running Quake!

Hardware Specs and FAQ’s 

See historical photos merged with Google maps is an excellent site that is growing in popularity.  Today history is being put on the web and is being replicated like no other time.  Historical photos of yesterday are being uploaded to and the history of the buildings, events and more of times gone by can be viewed and overlaid on Google maps.  With a transparency slide, you can slowly slide and adjust the pictures to see how things have changed over time.  An excellent site to visit.  If you have old photos, upload them and preserve a piece of history.


Lower Broad Street in Nashville