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Prague Astronomical Clock

Amazing More information on the clock

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Your friend has been hacked

On Facebook?  Watch what you click and don’t fall for scams.  Recently I saw Facebook Security had posted to my wall.   But I knew a friend was hacked.  How?  When you use Facebook, you will see associated friends in … Continue reading

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How to Build a Computer an Animated Guide – You won’t believe the Graphics

Rick over at What’s on My PC  has found a great link for everyone that show’s an animated guide to building a computer.  This GEM will be used in class. Excellent Find!  The graphics are just unreal.   If you select … Continue reading

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Publish Your Blog as an ebook

Earlier this year I showed you how to convert your blog into a pdf that could be printed as a book or downloaded as a pdf.  By using BlogBooker, you can export your WordPress blog as an xml and BlogBooker … Continue reading

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Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Puts Business First

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad Tablet flips the “consumerization of IT” paradigm by adding business-class capabilities, says eWEEK Labs analysts. Features include management software, full-size peripheral connectors and an optional digitizer pen. The 10.1-inch Android device offers an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core … Continue reading

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Users Still Careless With Email – security Blog

While not necessarily a surprise, secure email is a huge problem for enterprises. In a survey of how people use email shows that employees may be a bit too loose with their email use when it comes to sensitive and protected information, … Continue reading

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Android Adoption Twice That Of iOS – mobility Blog

    Android took over the smartphone landscape several months ago, and since then, it is like the platform has kicked in the turbo chargers. During the last three months, Google’s mobile darling captured 56% of the market on its … Continue reading

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