Stats Not Working on Moodle?

Need Statistics to show in Moodle ?

We normally try to put freeware and solutions for all users; however this seems to be a problem with Higher Education that use Moodle.

FIRST – In the Date section in your php.ini file – find the line ;date.timezone =, remove the semi-colon from the front of it and set it to the timezone that you have set in Administration > Locations (In the Moodle Administration Settings).  (Mine is America/Chicago). The line in your ini file should look like this date.timezone =’American/Chicago’ .  Save the php.ini and the locations set in Moodle under the Server’s time.  Restart IIS or Apache.

Go to – Modules | Blocks | Statistics   Enter at least 90 days on the graph – Save your settings

Go to – Server | Statistics | Disable Statistics in Moodle |Enter Maximum Processing – All  | Enter Maximum Runtime – Until Complete  | Enter Days to process 365 | Enter a Run Time 5-20 minutes before your current time on your computer (try to do this when at a Time when the server is not in use or has low usage – I am doing this at 12:40 a.m. – the stat time is at 12:30 a.m.)  Go down and Save your Changes!  Yes, It is disabled at this point.

On the SQL Server run the following query -

delete from mdl_stats_daily;

delete from mdl_stats_weekly;

delete from mdl_stats_monthly;
delete from mdl_config where name like ‘%stats%’;

Open up Moodle and now Enable Statistics and SAVE

Run cron from the command line – (Windows users, at the command prompt type -
c:\php\php.exe -f C:\inetpub\wwwroot\admin\cron.php

This should have worked…good luck!

No Graph in Stats?
Go to Server | System Paths and make sure you specify GD is installed.  You must also take away the ; in front of  extension=php_gd2.dll in your php.ini file.  If you modify your php.ini, you must restart your webserver.

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