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King’s Quest III- A Redux

King’s Quest III is available for download for PCs or Macs.  With King’s Quest being around for 30 years now, this remake follows King’s Quest I and II and their remake.  

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Graph Your Gmail

If you want to see trends in your Gmail and have a visual reference of your email then Graph Your Inbox may be for you. Graph Your Inbox does not save any personal data and works as an add-on to … Continue reading

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Repair Guides for iPhones, Droids, Xboxes, and more

Need a repair guide for one of your electronic devices. iFixit has hundreds of repair guides with step-by-step pictures of the breakdown and assembly of your electronic investments.

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Breaking down the Motorola Xoom Step by Step

Here’s a link Dawn sent on the step by step breakdown of the Xoom.  Link

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Motorola Xoom, iPads, Google Docs and Microsoft Office

Between Kevin, Dawn and Rick, I have a wealth of information coming at me.   Everyone comes to me for computer advice at school and many of my friends have jumped on the iPad wagon only to find out the … Continue reading

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