Insurance for your computer

Need a little insurance for your computer?  You’ve got anti-virus, anti-malware, cleaners, defrag tools, and other tools. But do you have an image, backups, restore points and repair disc?  Go to your System Properties and set some insurance on your computer.

I’m not a real fan of Microsoft’s backup but remember there are alternative’s available.  Comodo, Karen’s Replicator and dozens more.  Regardless of how you elect to do your backups, this is the number one problem we have when repairing computers.   9 out of 10 people don’t have everything backed up.

You know if your hard drive fails, it is a simple replacement but wouldn’t it be nice to have an image of your system drive on DVD so all you had to do was restore the computer after replacing the drive?

If you have ever had trouble with your computer, a system repair disc makes repairing your computer faster and easier.  You can easily create a repair disc that has tools to help you repair the startup of your sick computer.

We often take for granted the system restore utility which actually first appeared in Windows Millennium.  This utility can be used to restore your computer to a previous state if the computer begins acting crazy or flaky.  With many system optimization utilities today, this utility can be inadvertently turned off.  Check to make sure it is on and a restore point is set.   Remember you can set a percentage of hard disk used.  Generally 5% will give you a week of restore points.    An excellent utility to step back in time if you need to.


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