Powerful Utility Becomes the Nucleus of Your Computer

Need a tool to uninstall 3 or 4 programs at once?  Do you want to stop two processes at once?  Spencerberus’ SystemNucleus is a project that allows you to do just that.    Excellent program – .Net Framework 3.5 is required.

  • System Audit - detailed report of what’s on & in your computer, and how its all configured.
  • System Editor - configure thousands of settings from a single, easy to use & navigate interface.
  • Startup Manager - see everything that runs & loads when your computer is started and when someone logs in.
  • Backup & Recovery – its always a good idea to backup your current configuration before making changes just in case something goes wrong.
  • Windows Application Menu – shortcuts to over 100 applications & tools included with Windows, many of which are not accessible via the Start Menu.
  • System Tray Menu - optionally display an icon in the system tray that provides quick access to numerous tools and applications. (including the command prompt)
  • Program Manager - view detailed information on installed programs, modify & uninstall applications, and delete old install entries
  • Disks & Drives – create detailed, graphical analysis reports.
  • Detailed Information – view & edit properties of the selected item in the Detail panel, with links to additional online resources.
  • Smart Run - store run commands between sessions, browse for executable, integrated RunAs option with option to save usernames.
  • Customizable, SetOnce Interface – select how much or how little information is displayed.

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One comment on “Powerful Utility Becomes the Nucleus of Your Computer

  1. Ramblinrick says:

    Great find! Have never crossed paths with this one.


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