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Find all processes from the command line

Want to see process information in detail by only using the command line? Open a CMD prompt as an Administrator. Type wmic process list full and hit enter

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Open Computers and Software Inventory

Need a way to inventory your network?  OCS inventories your network and not only finds the OS, IP Address and applications but the hardware information. Weighing in at a hefty 101mb (zipped) download Open Computers and Software Inventory has been … Continue reading

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Windows Security Log Events- What Do They Mean?

Want to know what the Security Log Events mean? Randy Franklin Smith’s online dictionary for these logs is a great resource.  Link Information about the event includes: Description of this event Field level details Examples Discuss this event

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Find an EventID’s meaning

Are you often looking through your logs and wondering what the eventid numbers mean? Here’s a website to look up this information- EventID

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