DiskMax Cleans Your Hard Drive

DiskMax is one of the best utilities I’ve used in a long time.  It’s ability to clean your computer at different levels is an excellent way to keep your computer running efficiently and like new.   With its ability to scan other users accounts, this feature allows the cleanup without logging in as another user.   (UPDATE – How to enable the new DiskMax Deep Scan)

DiskMax offers the following features:

  1. Automatically cleans the recycle bin
  2. Cleans Temporary Internet Files include the major browsers, cookies, history, windows explorer’s thumbnail cache any error logs.
  3. Clears out Windows cache to include debugging information, internet logs, help center log (caches) any dll caches and temporary files.
  4. Cleans up Service Pack information in Windows Vista
  5. Removes registry entries MRUs.
  6. Clears out Windows event logs.
  7. Removes all files of type log, old, prv, chk, swp, bak, gid, wbk, tmp and dmp.
  8. Defrags your hard drive.
  1. .

Other features include Microsoft Offices Installation Cache –

Many users never use the sample media in Windows – DiskMax helps to remove these files –

DiskMax also gets rid of the old Windows Update Files –

So how much on my laptop after the initial scan?  An additional 600 mb of files –

The software also clears Form Data and optimizes Firefox and Chrome Databases.

Event Viewer logs ( Remember use on non critical computers)

DiskMax is an excellent program that uses very little resources and gives you control of what you are cleaning.

See our article –

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One Response to DiskMax Cleans Your Hard Drive

  1. Andy Hall says:

    This program looks awesome! It looks like an improved version of CleanUp!

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