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WikiMindMap – Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an excellent source to get information.   Here’s a way to see the links instantly by searching and getting a Map of how articles connect.  WikiMindMap

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Can NAT be circumvented? Are Firewalls Failing?

Can someone write code to circumvent a NATed network?  No – If your firewall is adequately secured and configured properly.   An interesting article from Bit-Tecn.net has an article stating that a hacker has created a piece of code that allows NAT … Continue reading

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Want to Build a Tiny Computer?

Check out Western Digitals Tiny 2.5 inch harddrive and the smallest motherboards available. Western Digital WD AV-25 320 GB Interactive 3D View Smallest Motherboards in the World

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Weather Maps

Excellent Weather Map that allows you to zoom to street level with Google Maps and includes options that allow you to view webcams, wind, precipitation, temps and more.  Link You can substitute your City and State in the link.

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