Uninstall Old Drivers and Speed Up Your Computer

One of the best ways to speed up your computer of course is to uninstall old programs.   A recent article showed that the installation of multiple programs on any computer could slow the computer’s boot time, response time and even the shutdown.

Just like programs;  installing network cards, video cards, wireless cards, usb drives and other hardware and even software will put drivers in your computer.  These non exsistent devices can be seen in the device manager by going to a command prompt as an administrator and typing – set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

Then open the device manager and click on View and Show Hidden Devices.  You will then see ‘faded’ devices that are still loading in the device manager.   These devices are hardware and/or software (yes, even software will load drivers that control hardware) that no longer are installed on your computer.

Note:  In regards to the software drivers – even if you uninstall the software many antivirus programs and firewalls leave junk behind.

Always use caution when removing drivers, editing the registry or working with any configuration that changes your system.

Go through these devices and remove any older hardware you know no longer exist.  Rebooting your computer should result in a quicker response time.


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