PNY Attache (flashdrive) Read Only -UPDATED

Here we go again…Bob and I within the last week worked with an Optima (PNY) Attache 2GB drive.  Well within a few minutes, it went to read-only. 


 What does the PNY support site recommend? 
        (Note: This tells me there is a problem with the drive and they should fix this.)

From PNY’s tech support site.
My flash drive says it’s write protected. What can I do?
The format utility below may resolve this issue.
Low Level Format  







Well, the answer after installing it?

My feelings after this,   give up?  Nope emailing tech support now.

No response from tech support
(2 hours later-remember the days when within minutes, you had an answer?)

UPDATE: Well this answer, worked for me.  Found another USB drive’s low level format utility.


 Downloaded the HN212 utility from apacer.  It began formatting and stopped!  Didn’t panic, removed drive, closed program, went to disk management, formatted.  Works….there you go.

PNY will hopefully update their utility.  If you try this, you are taking risks.


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3 Responses to PNY Attache (flashdrive) Read Only -UPDATED

  1. jlawrence0710 says:

    That’s so awesome!!! I’ve been reading forums all day today trying to find a solution. Lots of people have this problem. Followed your instructions and it worked perfectly (including the first failed format with HN212).

    The coolest thing is that you JUST posted your update TODAY!!!

    Thanks a lot. Hope others find your solution as well! 🙂

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  3. funchords says:

    I love people who post their solutions! You saved my 8 GB PNY Attache from the scrap heap. I found exactly the same thing that you did on the PNY page, and had the same results with it.

    After locating the HN212 Handy Steno 2.0 Repair Tool on apacer support site, it reformatted my drive to FAT32 completely (unlike you and the other commenter, no stop occurred).

    Thank YOU, thank APACER, and thanks for nothing PNY! 🙂

    Robb Topolski

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