U.S. Army gets Dog to Carry Heavy Loads

(credit to Mickey [the original running with scissors man)

When I was in the Army, a 40-50lb ruck sack along with your weapon and ammo was common.  Today, the load can be much more.  The average troop movement is 3-5 mph.  When readying for a battle or traveling to a battle, humvees and trucks can’t go everywhere troops go.  Boston Dynamics has developed the “Dog” to carry heavy loads.  Check it out at: http://www.bostondynamics.com/content/sec.php?section=BigDog

Boston Dynamics’ Dog

Boston Dynamics’ Dog can survive being kicked and not lose its balance.  Slips on ice but keeps going.

These things will be great for rescuers, fire departments, the military or those crazy guys who go up Everest. You have to watch the video.


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