Windows 8 Tips – Tweaks

Installing Unsigned Drivers

Windows 8 only wants signed drivers and you can receive errors if you try to install a device with a driver that is not signed.

Here’s a solution.   (Be sure to read the comment by Louis also)

Windows 8 will not activate

Open a Command Prompt as the Administrator – Type the following:

slmgr.vbs /ipk “Your  Product Key”

Do NOT use Quotes

Your product will activate

Windows 8 menu – Get the look and feel of Windows 7

So you woke up this morning only to discover that the new laptop or desktop Santa brought you is confusing.  If you hit the corners with your mouse and wait just a second, you’ll see the new Windows 8 menus.

Don’t like the new UI?  Well you can download a great app to restore the Classic Menu.

WhatsOnMyPC via Bill Mullins

Joining a Domain

With Windows 8 coming out next year, can mobile computing be controlled by domains?  Part of the security nightmare is the fact that mobile computers cannot be controlled.    Andrew Milam used a domain setup on his computer and how he joined Windows 8 to a domain with a roaming profile.

The steps are the exact same as with any Windows operating system when joining to a domain.  Users would use the desktop icon on the Windows 8 tablet to change into the desktop view of Windows 8.   There the user follows the same steps as they would with Windows 7 when joining a domain.

The above picture shows how Windows 8 has been joined to a Windows domain.

The above screen (right half) shows the PTR record of the Windows 8 tablet as it appears in a DNS record.  The picture to the left is of a Windows 8 roaming desktop on Windows 8.  (This picture also shows how the roaming profile ‘pulled’ the programs and desktop to the desktop of the roaming pc.

The picture to the immediate right shows the folder with the desktop information vs. the information in the left screen.

See our review of Windows 8 and see how you can run 90% of your programs, virtualize other operating systems, use your network and more.

Windows 8 not running smoothly?  Want to reset it?

You can use the Refresh Your PC Feature of Windows 8.  The refresh which can be executed from the command line will keep your files and settings.  It reverts the PC back to the default state.   If you have third party apps, you may have to reinstall these.  However, the Windows Store apps will remain installed.

Open a command prompt (Administrator) and insert a flash drive.  Now type

recimg /createimage e:\backups

The recimg will create a custom wim image file

Now you can use the Refresh tool under PC Settings and it will walk you through the refresh process.

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