Make Your WordPress Blog Into a Book

WordPress is an excellent blogging platform.  If you would like to create a PDF or a book for your blog, use BlogBooker.

BlogBooker allows you to import your WordPress Blog (it also supports other blogs).

  • Log in as the Administrator
  • Go to My Dashboard
  • Go down to Tools and Click on Export (This will export your blog to an XML file
  • Navigate to
  • Select 6 x 9 for ( publishes books on demand) or any size you want (You can also choose other on demand publishers or save the PDF
  • Select and upload your XML file
  • Click on Create Your Blog Book

IE8-Not WordPress Friendly-Surfing Not Private

Actually the title may fool you.  I do like IE8 (Beta) and the features it has built in.  Unfortunately IE says surf the web without anyone knowing.  Well…in the workplace, we still see you with our servers and firewalls.  You may be somewhat invisible at home but work is different.

Also, before the Firefox / Linux guys attack, yes it will have flaws, it’s software.  Remember there is no perfect software.  Yes, I have Firefox and yes I like Linux.

Also, IE8 has a compatibility view that I had to use just to post this.  The good side is with Web 2.0, changes in codes and websites, it allows you to move forward or back (appearance of site).



 Stretched box, fixed with compatibility mode.

All in all, I love change.  IE8 will be good.  Seems faster than IE7…