Check the File System in Ubuntu

Everyone tries to keep their servers and workstations up as long as possible.  However, you do need to reboot your computer to check the file system thoroughly and to clear any cache or temporary files that are in a hung state.

Force your system to run fsck on your file systems during the next reboot. In order to do this, you need to create a file called “forcefsck” in your root “/” folder.

Open up Terminal and type :

sudo touch /forcefsck     Hit the Enter key

sudo shutdown -r now    Hit the Enter key

Be patient while your file system is checked.


Top Processes in Ubuntu

Want to find the top running processes in Ubuntu?   Go to the Terminal and type Top.   Top will refresh automatically.

Jon Ward ( a former student and a Linux natural) commented on this posting and I’m posting it here because he is absolutely right -

Use htop instead. it’s a much cleaner interface with more precise information. it’s *much* easier to read. ~ Jon

To the readers from me, here’s how to install -

go to terminal and type – sudo apt-get install htop