Ubuntu Cleanup

There is an excellent article on Ubuntu Genius on how to clean Ubuntu’s Unused Linux Kernel Headers, Images and Modules.   While I have been using Linux, Unix and every operating system you can imagine for years, I had no idea this command could do this for Ubuntu- then again, who would - excellent article -

(Run in a terminal window) – Be sure to read the article and paste the recommended code from his article.

Ubuntu Tweak also offers many other cleaning options

Tweak Ubuntu

Want to Tweak Ubuntu and find those settings that are hidden or hard to find?  Ubuntu Tweak is an excellent little debian package you can download and install in seconds.  This little program offers dozens of tweaks to your Ubuntu installation.

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MTU Settings for Ubuntu

Setting your MTU settings adjust your internet connection.  With my connection, a default setting of 1500 causes some webpages not to display at all (i.e. Ebay, Microsoft, etc.)

My optimal settings are 1492 to change yours, open a terminal and type:

sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 1492  (that is eth and zero)

When you reboot, the MTU will return to 1500 – to make it permanent you will need to edit one of Ubuntu’s files:

First type -

sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces

Then carefully edit your file

iface eth0 inet static
mtu 1492

You should now restart your network with:
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Check the new value type:
sudo ifconfig -a



Video showing ‘how-to’ set MTU on Ubuntu

MTU settings for Windows