Windows 8 joins a domain

With Windows 8 coming out next year, can mobile computing be controlled by domains?  Part of the security nightmare is the fact that mobile computers cannot be controlled.    Andrew Milam used a domain setup on his computer and how he joined Windows 8 to a domain with a roaming profile.

The steps are the exact same as with any Windows operating system when joining to a domain.  Users would use the desktop icon on the Windows 8 tablet to change into the desktop view of Windows 8.   There the user follows the same steps as they would with Windows 7 when joining a domain.

The above picture shows how Windows 8 has been joined to a Windows domain.

The above screen (right half) shows the PTR record of the Windows 8 tablet as it appears in a DNS record.  The picture to the left is of a Windows 8 roaming desktop on Windows 8.  (This picture also shows how the roaming profile ‘pulled’ the programs and desktop to the desktop of the roaming pc.

The picture to the immediate right shows the folder with the desktop information vs. the information in the left screen.


See our review of Windows 8 and see how you can run 90% of your programs, virtualize other operating systems, use your network and more.


Run another operating system inside of Windows 8

My hopes are that Microsoft is smart enough to keep what they have in Windows 8 when they put it onto tablets.  See our review – Mobile computing makes me crazy – Sanity out of Windows 8 – a review.

Running on a small Dell computer, we were able to install VirtualBox and run Windows 7.  Now imagine if you have a tablet you can go on the run with, use 90% of your programs, install apps, and plug it into your large monitor, keyboard and mouse.   We have been totally impressed with everything so far.   Check out the review but remember, you can also install whatever you want with virtualbox.  Don’t worry about dual booting your tablet.  If Microsoft protects it from dual booting, you’ll still have whatever OS you want on it.  Kudos to Microsoft.

VirtualBox on Windows 8 (Windows 7 loaded)

Links for Windows 7 Repair Discs

It is like a former student Mickey says “No one ever has their repair disc for Windows.”   So do you need the isos to make a Windows 7 disc for your computer that came without a disc?  Checkout My Digital Life and the official links for these iso downloads.  Of course you will need your key during the re-installation and possibly during the repair of your computer.

32 bit

64 bit

Will ReactOS replace Windows?


ReactOS is tiny, and I mean tiny and it is fast.  A new concept for a rebuild of Microsoft Windows.  Many of the windows look exactly like Microsoft Windows and the commands (prompt) are the same.  ReactOS is in the Alpha stages and can be downloaded as an ISO to be installed on VirtualBox or you can get a live CD to boot with so that there is no installation.  Be sure to download Firefox 2.0 (There may be security issues with this version but hey, I like trying new operating systems).


Change Windows XP into Windows 7

Maybe it’s not changing Windows XP, but the visual theme is virtually the same as Windows 7.  Amazingly with a the visual effects and Windows XP’s native stability and security, it is your choice to upgrade later.  Cool look though.  Link.