Optimizing MySQL on Server 2008 R2

Server 2008 R2

Optimizing IIS

Edit the my.ini file found in the MySQL installation


  • Set the innodb_buffer_pool_size=1G   Resource
  • Set the Max_Allowed_Packet = 100M
  • Set Key_Buffer_Size=512M
  • Set query_cache_size = 128MB
  • query_cache_limit = 4MB

  • table_cache=512
  • tmp_table_size = 64MB

Adjust your settings accordingly.

Note: Many of these settings can be made to the my.cnf file in Linux installations

Our performance increast?  50% savings on average (load times)


MySQL problem writing to database during cron backup

If you receive the error “!!!Error Writing To Database!!!” during a cron backup, this can be related to

Find the my.ini file which is normally located in the MySql folder under program files
(C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1).  Edit it by adding or modifying the line -

Max_Allowed_Packet = 100M   (adjust as necessary)


In Ironic Twist, MySQL’s Own Database Is Hacked Via SQL Injection – Darkreading

In Ironic Twist, MySQL’s Own Database Is Hacked Via SQL Injection – Darkreading.

MySQL, which offers open-source database software and services for enterprises, is a leading provider of tools for small and midsize businesses. In an ironic twist, the attackers used…more

Learn SQL with these Online Emulators

SQLCourse has been around for sometime.   With Microsoft’s DreamSpark, students can download SQL Server to build databases and to learn how to retrieve data by performing queries  (basically asking the database for specific data).   SQLCourse gives you step by step instructions on how to run these queries.


Oracle and Sun end of VirtualBox, OpenOffice and MySQL?

There I was worried about IBM buying Sun and wham!  Oracle bought them at roughly $10 per share.   When several companies have bought out other companies, usually the first to go is the freebies (these cost money – programmers – analyst – hosting, etc.).  Hopefully some of these projects will remain behind.  The rules for software always changes when one company buys out another.




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