Free Training in Office Applications for Tennesseans

Microsoft is offering free training for Tennesseans along with vouchers for taking select Microsoft Business Certifications.   These vouchers are good for 90 days (exam vouchers) and one year for training vouchers.   This is an excellent way to gain the skills and knowledge needed in the workplace.

Who should sign up?    With a limited number of vouchers, everyone should sign up to train or take an exam while than can.   Every job today uses computers in some way.   Retail, Medical, Production and any industry you can image uses computers.

More advanced e-learning vouchers are being distributed for IT Professionals.

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Print Form in Access Without Printing all Records

Often people want to print a single form in Microsoft Access and when they add a print button, it prints all of the records.

Add a Command Button.  Enter the VBA code.  Add the following code under the command button.

DoCmd.PrintOut acPages, 1, 2

1,2 tells the command to print pages 1 and 2.   If you enter 1,1 then it will print form one only.

Is Powerpoint Fading Away?

With cloud computing and Web 2.0 tools, Powerpoint is slowly fading away to online presentation tools such as Empressr and VCASMO.  These tools allows you to make and produce slides that go into blogs, facebook and other online services.  Another fantastic tool is the ability to download the presentations.   Your slides can be made public or private at the click of your mouse so you can share them across the globe.

The presentations can be edited right on the web….

Convert a PDF to Microsoft Word

I have been asked a million times on how to convert a PDF to Microsoft Word.  Here’s a converter online that will help you convert any PDF to Microsoft Word.  Link

Microsoft Office 2007 Setup Failed Nightmares

Recently Mike Miller and I battled Office 2007 Enterprise setup on Amy Martin’s computer.  We searched Google, cleaned the registry, cleaned temp files, did a chkdsk, and everything possible.  The information in the link below doesn’t provide a fix put a great hint!  Use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility  to remove any, any add-ons, xml or Beta products.