Microsoft Surface Pro-ready for manufacturing, business and industry

The Microsoft Surface Pro has proven to be versatile in the workplace.  Mr. Arnold our Industrial Maintenance instructor uses the Microsoft Surface Pro to connect to nearly a hundred PLCs, motors, robots and other industrial components.

So why is this tablet perfect for business and industries?


External DVD Attached through USB port


USB EasyLINK to transfer files from one computer to another


The Windows below shows the USB EasyLINK software (loaded on the USB device)



Many industrial components require a floppy disk drive – (Above and Below)


What if you need to expand your USB with a USB hub or two?



IT personnel can attach a Wireless Spectrum Analyzer or multiple wireless cards for site surveys or other wireless needs.



100_3103100_3101   100_3100100_3102

Four Wi-Fi Nic cards shown above


Multitasking (above)


Joining a domain (above)



Connect an external drive, card reader or multiple USB drives at the same time.

Use all of your Windows based software…now why was the Surface a bad idea?  It’s not…

What to do after Windows 7 SP 1 Installation

What should you do after you install Windows 7 SP 1 and it has ran well for about a week or so?

Open a command prompt as an administrator. (Go to search, type CMD, hold Ctrl-Shift and hit enter)

type the following -

DISM /online /cleanup-Image /spsuperseded

This will remove files needed to uninstall (backed up files) SP 1.

You can also open the disk cleanup tool and check the Service Pack Backup Files and run disk cleanup.

Here’s a view of Rhett’s (student) hard drive before and after.


SVCHost Viewer – Find out what program is using it!

Anyone who has hit Ctrl-Alt-Del understands they may have several svchost.exe ‘s running.  What are they?  They relate to networking and some programs use svchost in groups.  This tiny download (14 kb) shows exactly what this file is doing.

Link to Download.


Best IT Professional sites on the web

It’s hard to find great quality information that can be used by IT professionals.  One of the best sites on the web is GEGeek.  This site offers information that is updated often and covers a wide range of IT resources and troubleshooting.  This versatile site offers answers to IT questions covering a plethora of topics from legacy to modern day resources.

No where on the net can you find this amount of information.



Rick over at What’s On My PC has another site that is one of the most resourceful sites on the web.
Bookmarks 4 Techs links to over 700+ sites and blogs on the web.  The site offers links, RSS Feeds, news and hundreds of other links.


Free Microsoft ebooks

Want to learn a new skill?  Collect a library of technical books?  Microsoft offers free ebooks and updates their give away often.   I forgot to post this fall but Rick over at What’s On My PC reminded me when I reviewed his blog and saw Microsoft’s latest - “Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals”.

Download this free ebook here and see their lineup over here.

Ebook mini

While you’re surfing the web, go visit Rick at What’s On My PC and Visit his other blog that is one of the best resources of hundreds of blogs and how-to sites over at BookMark4Techs.

What you may not know about Microsoft

Here’s a few links to things you may not know about Microsoft Corporation -

Voted number 1 – most inspiring companies – source -Forbes   Why?

Free Products for Teachers
Teacher Resources

Free software classes – Microsoft Virtual Academy

Free Classroom Tools

Free Software for Classrooms

Free Ebooks

Free software (Windows, Server and more) for students) – Dreamspark (TCAT Students login here)

Free Office 365 for Education

Free Products and Services

Free Second Shot Exam Vouchers

Resolve wireless issues by adjusting advanced power savings

Usually when I resolve a problem, there seems to be an outbreak of the same problem.   Lately I resolved issues with wireless networking on several laptops and a desktop by disabling the power settings.  Apparently when the laptop woke, it would not connect or was extremely slow on connecting.  Disabling the power settings in both areas resolved the issue on all of the laptops and the desktop.

Power under the Device Manager

- Right Click Computer, Manage, Select Device Manager, Double Click on Wireless card, Click the Power Management tab.  Uncheck the All the computer to turn off this device to save power

Very First Power Settings

Use the Advanced Power settings to turn off power settings on wireless adapters

Power Settings First

Click on Change plan settings (above)

Power settings

Click on Change advanced power settings (above)

Advanced Power

Scroll down to Wireless Adapter Setting, click the + sign, click the + sign beside Power Saving Mode.  Change the On battery setting to Maximum Performance and Plugged in to Maximum Performance.  Apply the settings.

Microsoft releases the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit Version 4.0

The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit which is also known as EMET is designed to assist IT Pros with securing their systems.  EMET helps to block hackers from accessing systems.   EMET helps to block common attacks and enables IT personnel to manage security.

An excellent review of EMET.

Microsoft Download and Blog on EMET


Finding Drivers for Your Computer

One of the hardest computer related tasks for new IT people to learn is looking for drivers.

  • If the computer is a brand name, try the manufacturers website first.  Remember, many vendors use a service tag or serial number to identify the computer.  If you can enter this tag, you will find the exact drivers intended for your computer.   Download your operating systems drivers.  Often Windows Vista drivers can be used for Windows 7.   Try to research before building a computer and see which vendor offers updates over a period of time (one or more years of support).   These vendors are vendors who care and want you to have a good experience with their hardware.   Recently we flashed a BIOS for our computers and the vendor had offered hexacore processor support for a two year old motherboard.   Truly a vendor who cares.
  • Know the components in your computer – use software to identify them – use the internet to download drivers based on the components in your computer
  • Drivers can be downloaded in two packages
    • Zipped – the driver is downloaded and the files needed to make the hardware work are compressed.  Unzip (extract) these files.    Use either the setup.exe program to install or go to the device manager and select update driver and ‘point’ to the downloaded driver if a setup option is not available
    • Self Extracting – the driver is downloaded in a setup file that extracts and runs through a setup process