DNS Jumper – Speed Up Your Internet

My passion with computers is security and networking.   We have featured many DNS programs that allow you to speed test your DNS servers.   Rick over at Whats On My PC has just reviewed a program called DNS Jumper.  DNS Jumper allows you to change your DNS server settings ‘On the Fly’ and speed test DNS servers (benchmark).   Excellent program and an excellent review.  Go over and read the full review.

Google Adds DNS Servers for Public USE

Last week, we got a call from one of our ISPs stating they were sorry that we were down (our internet service).  We weren’t.  I never told the technician different.   You see, we have a load balancer with two ISPs.  This of course is a form of redundancy that helps to prevent the loss of internet service.   We can move our DNS server numbers around in our servers if we have a lot of latency (slow down).

To help with speed / performance and security, you can change your DNS to one of Google’s DNS servers.  If you are unaware of how to change your IP address, do a little research and you will find it is easy to do.  Before you do this, you can go to a command prompt by typing cmd in the RUN or Search box.  At the prompt, type ipconfig /all.  Write down your DNS server numbers.   Close out this window.

Right click on network (in Vista or 7, open the network center and change your adapter) and select properties.  Right click on your adapter and select properties.  Double click on TCP/IP.  Select to manually enter your DNS server numbers.

The Google Public DNS IP addresses are as follows:


I recommend entering Google’s i DNS number into the first one and one of your ISP’s DNS servers in the second boxed area.  Now click on advanced and select the DNS tab.  Enter the second Google DNS and your ISP’s second DNS number.

Google on Performance

Google on Security

Using Google DNS

Another alternate DNS server services is OpenDNS.

Benchmark Your DNS Server