Backblaze – The best offsite backup solution


Want a backup plan that will backup your data at a price that is reasonable?  How about $50 per year and unlimited?     Backblaze is one of the best cloud based backups available.  With unlimited backup capability, security built in, easy restore capabilities and an easy to use interface,  anyone can use Backblaze.   (Features)

Everyone should worry about privacy and security.  With Backblaze, security is protected by encrypting your files on your computer and securely transferring your files to Backblazes’ servers.   Security is further enhanced by your private key (they do not store this key) so your data remains secure until you decide to restore files.  (Security Q&A Roundup)

What kind of extra security do they provide besides military grade encryption?  They also have a stolen pc feature that helps you to locate a stolen or lost computer.

In the event you lose data or need to restore information, you can simply sign in and instantly pick your data and download the information you want.   You can also order a usb or an external drive (very reasonably priced) and have your data sent to you.

The easy to use Windows or Mac application allows for a continuous backup (it takes time to complete large backups based on your upload speeds and internet usage/bandwidth).

Backblaze also offers a very reasonable business plan allowing businesses to securely backup their critical data.


Some of their secrets -

Petabytes on a Budget v2.0:
Revealing More Secrets

What’s one of the best cloud backups?

Backblaze Cloud Storage backup offers these key features – for only $5 per month per computer.

  • Unlimited Data Backup
  • Locate your Lost or Stolen Computer
  • Unlimited Max file
  • Throttle Adjustment for Better Bandwidth
  • Works on Windows and Mac

How long does it take to backup? Use Backblaze’s speedtest and it will calculate the amount of information you can backup daily based on your bandwidth.   This is overlooked by most users.  Your upload speed determines your ability to get your files from your home or business to the cloud.   User their calculator now.   You have the ability to throttle with an easy user interface.

Backup for only $5 a month Unlimited

We have featured several offsite backups for users.  Backblaze offers an unlimited backup for only $5 a month per household.  Compatible with Windows or MAC, Backblaze offers a continuous backup so your files are safe and secure.