ASUS RT-AC66U Dual Band 3.3 802.11AC Router

The Asus RT-AC66U Router continues to lead the pack with firmware downloads with improvements through enhanced features and security.   Last night Jay messaged me with details on one of their features that provides a dual WAN option with fail-over features.  Here’s a couple of screenshots that shows the dual WAN features.

Router        (Information)  (Specifications)

Asus’s latest firmware is just one of many firmware updates that proves this router is valuable to homes and businesses.


Credit: Jay Matlock


ASUS MAP    bandwidth  tRAFFIC     wan oNE Wan Setup     WAN TWO wired

Power Supply Calculator

Ben found this handy power supply calculator over at ASUSTeK.

Also go over and look at their Startup Problems (Troubleshooting Tips).

or take a look at their Troubleshooting guides!

Overclock your Netbook

Back in the ’70’s I remember the muscle cars and everyone’s need for speed.  Funny thing, today I hear about how fast someone’s computer is.   There is a lot of free software that is still out there that helps you overclock your full size computer.  Here is a utility to overclock that little netbook.  While I no longer see a need, here is a software program that does just that. Link

WARNING – overclocking your computer can damage hardware.  If you are a hardware techie and find the need to try speeding up your hardware, you are taking a risk when overclocking.