Office 2010 Books

Here’s some great links for Office 2010’s Resource Kit and books.


Office 2010 Resource Kit Technical Library in Compiled Help format

Technical diagrams for Office 2010

Downloadable book: Getting started with Office 2010

Downloadable book: Planning guide for Office 2010

Downloadable book: Deployment guide for Office 2010

Downloadable book: Group Policy for Office 2010

Downloadable book: Operations guide for Office 2010

Migrating to Microsoft Excel 2010 (white paper)

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Guides

Cached Exchange Mode in a Remote Desktop Session Host environment: planning considerations

Microsoft Office 2010 – Under the Hood Investments for Hardware and Performance

Downloadable book: Technical reference for Office 2010

Memory Usage


If you have applications that hog and use more memory or CPU than they should, give Process Lasso a try.  This freeware allows you to specify how many CPU’s a program uses on a multi-core system or you can configure which program launches at startup.  You can tell Process Lasso when to kick in and do its job if an app uses more than x% of your CPU.

Social Networks Can Kill Your Future

With MySpace and other social networks, you have to be careful.  It’s not just your personal safety you have to look at, it can be what you put on these social networks that kill your job or prospective new job.  Be careful not to ‘allow’ or ‘show’ too much of your personal life that may embarass you, your company or your future employer.

Goals and Objectives

Training Mistakes made by IT Professionals

Your IT personnel should be able to train the end-user in a way that the end-user won’t be blamed for making mistakes later.  During reqular training sessions, IT Professionals have a tendancy to ‘roll’ their eyes and blame end-users for opening email attachments or going to malware infested web-sites.

According to ComputerWorld, you should:

  1. Stay in tune with your audience.
  2. Plan your training session.
  3. Follow a standard training model.
  4. I ALWAYS tell my students this one.   Get in touch with the department you are training.  UNDERSTAND what the mission of the department is and how it works!
  5. Reach a partnership with the department you are working with.

Softskill Tips for IT Professionals

Here’s a couple of great links from CIO Magazine for some success tips for IT Professionals.

Things You Can Do In Minutes to Be More Successful at Work

Finding Your Next IT Job

Hiring Manager Interviews

Freeware for Your Thumbdrive

This is crazy.  I just stumbled on a ton of freeware apps for your thumbdrive.  Our class has a folder (thumbdrive) we are constantly updating so students will have apps for troubleshooting.


Digital Picture Frames that Steal Your Identity

You can’t make this up.  Evidently, the Chinese have workers who load a trogan virus on digital picture frames.  The trojan which is advanced, can then jump to your computer and steal your identity (limited for now).  Now if manufacturers don’t have quality standards, viruses can get in through hardware.  Several months ago the Chinese were loading viruses on Seagate computers.  Seagate article.

Deborah Gage’s article; “Trojan Horse probing defenses– New virus is smart, aggressive and blocks antivirus protection at will“, published in the San Fransisco Chronicle, Friday, Feb. 15th. 2008. Business Section.

Now that is scary!

Ubuntu – Start Wining

Wine enables Ubuntu to install and run most of the Windows applications.  You can download and install wine by following these instructions.

Open synaptic package manager by navigating through System -> Administration -> Synaptic package manager.

Enable all repositories by clicking on Settings -> repositories.
Check all the unchecked items.
search and type Wine, scroll through the list untill you find Wine.
Click on
Mark All Upgrades.
Wait till all the files are downloaded.

Follow the prompts to install Wine. Run the windows executable setup file by typing the following:1.     Press Alt+F2 to run the command. 2.     Key in wine /path (example:-  wine /xp/software/setup.exe).

Take a Break from Technology

With cellphones, mobile devices, online gaming, computers, the internet and blogs; take a break, log off and enjoy the great outdoors, go to the local recreation center, go see your family, read a book (no ebooks), take a nap and take a break.  We’ve created a fast paced society. Slow down and enjoy it.  In fact I’m logging off right now…

Surviving the Economy

As the world’s economy changes, so should you.  Make sure your skills are diversified.  Attend classes in every computer class you can, attend free seminars,  retrain in an occupation that interest you and is found (jobs) geographically in your area.

If you are a computer tech or business professional, attend classes for the latest office products.  This class is delivered by Amy Martin who has 30+ years experience.
If you are an automotive tech or collision repair tech, attend classes to obtain the latest skills in either of the areas.
Industrial workers should attend any and all classes on computers or attend classes in welding.
Maintenance personnel should attend PLC classes delivered by Butch Arnold one of the best programmers in middle Tennessee or attend welding classes to gain skills in welding.
Everyone needs to train in soft skills.

Remember, the more skills you have, the more likely you will survive the economy.

Analytical Thinking- Think People! Think!

Analytical Thinking follows the scientific approach to problem solving.

Analytical Thinking. Competency Definition: Use a methodical step-by-step approach to break down complex problems or processes into their constituents parts.

As a teacher of information technology, I often leave my students hanging… it’s for their own good.  I use the phrase there are 20 of you in here and there is 120+ lbs of gray matter, help each other.  I’ve had students come back to me and say, “You left me hanging and I had to figure it out on my own! Thanks a lot!”    Now think about that, the instructors at our institution guide the student and help them to a point and then we analyze their ability to analytically think.  Most people see a problem today and totally freak out when all they have to do is stop and break the complex problem down into smaller steps.  Besides, they can “Google it”.