Remove Viruses with Boot Utility

If you work on computers, you need to be aware of SARDU and its ability to download recovery ISOs.   This utility can create a boot DVD or USB to remove viruses, recover Windows or break passwords (legally if the true owner has forgotten the password).

SARDU allows you to click the utility you want, download it and then places the ISO into the SARDU folder.  The download manager is on the top tab and you must click on Start to download the file you want.   The file is placed in a queue until this action is taken.

Once the ISO is in the folder, SARDU reads the ISO and places a check in a box beside the download you have available.  You can then burn the utility to a DVD or USB.

Note:  If you have any ISOs that are currently in the menu, copy them to the ISO folder in SARDU and refresh the program.   This will add check marks to the available ISOs.

There are dozens of options available with this great utility.


Download screen

Saved ISOs

Another great review.

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