Increase QoS priority in Windows 7

If you are video conferencing from one computer to another, QoS plays an important role.   By default, QoS has a priority of 20%.   So how do you increase this?  Easy.  This applies to Windows Pro and above.

Expand “Computer Configuration”-
“Administrative templates,”
Select the “QoS Packet Scheduler.”
Double click the “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” key,
Now check the “Enabled” item on the Settings tab.
Change the “Bandwidth limit %” to 30 or above depending on how much you need to reserve
(test this during busy hours on your network to tweak this number), then click Apply and exit gpedit.msc.  Now go to a cmd prompt as an administrator and type gpupdate/force.



Don’t forget to enable Traffic Shaping in your router if it has the option (Dir-655 shown – DLink) and WMM.
(Enabling WMM can help control latency and jitter when transmitting multimedia content over a wireless connection)


WMM Enabled


Remember, these settings also help with VoiP applications.

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