View Open Files on Server 2008

Before rebooting a server, you should see who has open files so you won’t corrupt data or knock a user offline.

Server 2008 has moved where you can view these.

To see the open files, right click on computer.   Select Manage.  Click Roles – File Services – Share and storage management.  Choose Action and then manage open files.


VPN stuck on Verifying Username and Password

Go to a Command prompt, type the following commands Enter after each one.

Netcfg -u MS_L2TP
Netcfg -u MS_PPTP
Netcfg -l %windir%\inf\netrast.inf -c p -i MS_PPTP
Netcfg -l %windir%\inf\netrast.inf -c p -i MS_L2TP

Another solution -

1. Click Start, and then type regedit in the Start Search box.
2. In the search results list, right-click regedit, click Run as Administrator, and then click Continue in the User Account Control dialog box.
3. Locate, and then click the following registry subkey: 

4. Create the following registry entry under the previous subkey. If this entry already exists, edit it so that it appears as follows:NameAllowPPTPWeakCrypto
Value typeDWORD
Value data1
5. Exit Registry Editor.
6. Restart the computer.

Another possible solution-
Under the properties of the VPN connection – go to the security tab and change the protocol to CHAP from MS-Chap v2. Set no encryption Allowed in order to change that to Chap.

We have also seen the IKE service stopped under services…restart the service.


Set the protocol to PPTP and have both MS-Chaps checked

CiceroUIWndFrame Not Responding Error

If you receive the error – CiceroUIWndFrame not responding when you try and log off or shut down your pc.

Fix this by removing the Speech and Handwriting Recognition feature from Microsoft Office.

Open the Control Panel
Double Click on the Add/Remove Programs icon
Locate Microsoft Office and click on the Change button
Browse to Office Shared Features go to Alternative User Input, and select – Speech and Handwriting recognition  and mark them Not Available from the drop-down boxes