Facebook App Center: Sneaky?

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finger clicks the yes buttonAccording to a recent NakedSecurity.sophos.com article; the new Facebook App Center is up to Facebook.com’s old tricks of trying to influence users to ignore the meager privacy protection tools available and allow them to give your personal information to third-party applications without your permission. They do this, in my opinion, deliberately, by designing their pages so as to “fool” the user into allowing personal information to be shared.

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A Huge List of FREE Computer Security Products and Services

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One of my favorite tech sites is Gizmo’s – The Best Freeware…  Today, during a visit I came across a huge list of FREE computer security products and services that is maintained on their site. The list is not a list of specific recommendations, but is a “comprehensive documentation of the security products available”…

I can tell you a lot of work went into compiling this list.  So, if you are looking at a solution for virus or malware protection, encryption, backup, to name a few; hit this list first. It will definitely save you a considerable amount of time and I can tell you, being familiar with software, the selections they have made have been tried, true and tested.  Great job Gizmos’s…

Gizmo's - Huge List of Security Products



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Best Wireless Access Point for classrooms and events

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SoftPerfect Network Scanner – Free Network Scanner

SoftPerfect’s Network Scanner is a free multi-threaded scanner that scans multiple protocols at once and offers dozens of configuration options to find detailed information.   This portable program comes in 32 and 64 bit and can be ran from a flashdrive.   This tiny little program finds shares, hidden shares and more.   The best feature is it is free!



(Lab shown above)

From SoftPerfect’s description of their Network Scanner software-

  • Pings computers and displays those alive.
  • Detects hardware MAC-addresses, even across routers.
  • Detects hidden shared folders and writable ones.
  • Detects your internal and external IP addresses.
  • Scans for listening TCP ports, some UDP and SNMP services.
  • Retrieves currently logged-on users, configured user accounts, uptime, etc.
  • You can mount and explore network resources.
  • Can launch external third party applications.
  • Exports results to HTML, XML, CSV and TXT
  • Supports Wake-On-LAN, remote shutdown and sending network messages.
  • Retrieves potentially any information via WMI.
  • Retrieves information from remote registry, file system and service manager.
  • It is absolutely free, requires no installation, and does not contain any adware/spyware/malware.

So how do you find Nic card vendors to help you troubleshoot your inventory and find even more information about the devices on your network?   Save this file (oui.txt)  from ieee into the folder where your exe is.  When you load the program, select lookup NIC vendor and then scan your network.

SoftPerfect also has other excellent software that is 100% free and some Enterprise software.

Best Wireless Access Point for classrooms and events

We were looking for a solution to several classrooms that are completely wireless and needed an access point that could handle the traffic and any interference.   With the growing trend of BYOD, classrooms easily double and triple in their infrastructure demands.

Also knowing that professional access points cost money as compared to home access points and routers;  the Ruckus ZoneFlex 7300 Series wireless access point ranked number one in a majority of tests and was our pick.  Retailing a little over $500, this access point handles dozens of computers and BYOD devices with no problems.

With computers loaded with iTunes, BYOD devices (netbooks, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, iPads and Android devices),  our IT team could see the need to upgrade to devices that allowed multiple connections to our internal network.

Here’s the access points tested in a test over at TomsHardware   (TomsHardware with Ruckus 7363 – PDF Download)

Apple AirPort Extreme: Dual-band 802.11n, standalone, version 7.5.1
Aruba AP125: Dual-band 802.11n ,with Aruba 3200 controller running ArubaOS (ver.
Cisco Aeronet 3502i: Dual-band 802.11n  with Cisco 4402 controller (ver.
HP E-MSM460: Dual-band 802.11n  standalone running version
Meraki MR24: Dual-band 802.11n  running Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller
Ruckus ZoneFlex 7363: Dual-band 802.11n  with Ruckus ZoneDirector 1106 (version

Ruckus Wireless Youtube Channel – includes real scenarios, reviews from companies such as Oracle and more

Sirefef infections explode due to new infection technique

The Sirefef/Zaccess family of Trojans – designed to download other malware, disable the machine’s security features, and often make lasting changes to the computer – is usually distributed to unsuspecting victims via email spam campaigns.

But its peddlers have lately changed tack, and have begun bundling the malware with codecs, game installers and crack/keygen applications, Trend Micro warns.

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Originally posted on TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog:

Have you ever noticed the administrator account doesn’t show up during logon with Vista or 7?  Well here’s what you can do.

Go to a command prompt as the administrator.

  • type cmd in the search box and then right click when it is found and select Run as Administrator
  • Type Net User Administrator  /active:yes

The Administrator Account should now appear as an option on the Welcome Screen.    Log in at the next reboot and set a complex password.  (Don’t forget it!)

or you can enable the Administrator Account by right clicking on Computer, select manage, navigate to users and uncheck the disabled box next to the Administrator.

If you want to disable it later… same command but add the switch with /active:no

See our review of Windows 8 and see how you can run 90% of your programs, virtualize other operating systems, use your network and more.


See our article –

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What’s one of the best cloud backups?

Backblaze Cloud Storage backup offers these key features – for only $5 per month per computer.

  • Unlimited Data Backup
  • Locate your Lost or Stolen Computer
  • Unlimited Max file
  • Throttle Adjustment for Better Bandwidth
  • Works on Windows and Mac

How long does it take to backup? Use Backblaze’s speedtest and it will calculate the amount of information you can backup daily based on your bandwidth.   This is overlooked by most users.  Your upload speed determines your ability to get your files from your home or business to the cloud.   User their calculator now.   You have the ability to throttle with an easy user interface.

Seagate Goflex Home Network Storage- an excellent storage device for home and small business

Seagate’sGoFlex Home is a great option for any home or small business.  This network NAS has dozens of options to configure the device for multiple users.  (For Windows and Mac)

While this is not a thorough review of the capabilities of this device, it shows the basic options you have as we go to a mobile world (netbooks, notebooks, ultrabooks, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Androids, Microsoft Surface and other devices).  Of course the device can be used with a desktop and its ability to cross platforms makes it an excellent choice.

This is where the fun begins – with a powered devices, a small hub can be used to add multiple external devices (other drives) to the GoFlex Home Network Storage Unit. Although there is only one usb port, you can add a small hub and easily add devices (Technically up to 25 other external drives)

The GoFlex can be easily connected to your network’s router or to a small switch by a small ethernet cable.  Once the device is installed, you can access the device by the web interface or by going to the search box in Windows and typing \\the_ip_address.

This Home Network Storage device includes these features as described by Seagate -

From Seagate

  • Automatic, continuous backup of all your files and folders
  • Streams content to networked computers, media players and game consoles
  • Free remote access to your files over the Internet
  • Access your files from your mobile device using the free app for iPhone®, iPad® and Android®
  • Time Machine compatible straight from the box
  • When you connect GoFlex Home network storage system to your wireless router you can wirelessly stream your movies, photos and music files to any room in your home.
  • When you’re on the go, GoFlex Home network storage system includes Seagate® Share™, your own personal cloud storage. The Seagate Share service lets you remotely access your files from any PC or Mac with a web browser and Internet connection.
  • The GoFlex Home network storage device offers two easy ways to expand your home network’s storage capacity—no tools required.
    • Simply remove the included drive from the base and replace it with a higher capacity GoFlex Desk drive
    • Plug any USB storage drive into the integrated USB port”

And you can download the free GoflexAccess™ app for iPhone, iPad and Android to access your files remotely using your mobile device.

This device also ships with basic software to automate your backups if you wish to do so.

Accessing the device with your web browser

Simply enter the device’s ip address into your browser

Main menu by web browser

Preferences by web browser

Details for the above picture

  • User – Preferences set appearance and file overwrite protection along with default sharing options
  • Change Password
  • Network Sharing – Sharing of private files
  • UPNP Router Configuration – allows your device to use UPNP for performance
  • Network Services – FTP
  • LAN Connection – IP address information
  • Date and Time
  • Remote Access – (Port forwarding information and access to your files) * Please use a complex password if you opt  to do this

Details for the above picture

  • Add New User – This includes information including the password, username and display name
  • Edit User
  • Shutdown/Restart
  • Software Updates
  • Seagate Share Pro $9.99 for life and has dozens of benefits including syncing
  • Computers Backup
  • Storage Devices – This is where the fun begins – with a powered devices, a small hub can be used to add multiple external devices – although there is only one usb port, you can add a small hub and easily add devices (Technically up to 25 other external drives)

Viewing Shares by the web interface

Setting up shares through the web browser

Highlight the folder and click the tiny arrow to the right of the file

Selecting a folder or drive to share

When you share music, it instantly streams to your iPhone, iPad or other device.

Using Windows native networking

View of all folders and external devices through network

Simply copy and paste files to your folder

More information on the Seagate GoFlex Home Network Storage  (3TB, 2TB, 1TB)

Seagate Website   $159 new (1TB) $189 (2TB)

Apple app

Android app

Geek’s refurbished  $97 refurbished (2TB)


An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist

When opening manage or the  “Microsoft Management Console (MMC)”  you recieve
An attempt was made to reference a token that does not exist”.


Open a Command Prompt ( Search for CMD) (right click and run as administrator) and navigate to


Re-register the required DLL files by using the following command:

For /F %s in (‘dir /b *.dll’) do regsvr32 /s %s


Also run SFC /SCANNOW from the command prompt (Elevate permission) if the above does not work.

Nearly half of firms supporting BYOD report data breaches

Nearly half of enterprises that allow employee-owned devices to connect to a company’s network have experienced a data breach, a study has revealed.  

Nearly half of firms supporting BYOD report data breaches.