6rd IPv6 – Most ISP’s plan

Most ISP’s are moving towards IPv6 at a slow yet steady pace.   Most are looking at 6rd.  So what is 6rd?

“It is derived from 6to4, a preexisting mechanism to transfer IPv6 packets over the IPv4 network, with the significant change that it operates entirely within the end-user’s ISP’s network, thus avoiding the major architectural problems inherent in the original design of 6to4″. – Wikipedia  Read more on this article

We will show different scenarios  later this week for home users (IPv6)

Cisco/Linksys Emulators

Cisco sample IPv6 - http://ui.linksys.com/files/E4200/2.0.25/ipv6_3.html

DLink Emulators

DLink sample IPv6 - http://support.dlink.com/Emulators/dir657/100/adv_ipv6_6rd.html



Audit your network with LanSpy

LanSpy is a powerful yet small utility that scans your network and finds information about computers and devices.  Although an older program, the program is powerful and offers detailed information about computers

Each computer or device can be clicked on to show detailed information on the device.  By doing this, you can see the services you need to secure on your network.

(Details above – ip addresses and policies have been changed for this example)

You can also export the information to a webpage or XML to view later.