First look at Google Drive – storage in the cloud

If you have a Google account, you can now get 5gb of storage in the cloud.  I signed up three days ago and just got a notice that I could try Google Drive out.   Following the link to their download site, I signed in with my gmail account.

I immediately found policies we had read with Google documents over six months ago.   I did find this odd.

After signing in you can download the synchronization program in order to create a folder that will sync with your Google Drive.   If you look, you will also see Drive added to your menu in your Google account.

If you elect to download the synchronization program,  will be met with a terms of service when downloading the program.

20 minutes later…. hmmmm

Finished after 25 minutes

Setup (Special Folder for Sync) – Select Advanced Setup for more options


Google drive is now setup and can be seen by logging into your account or you can access the folder it made.

Easy to use, you can simply drag a file to the folder on your computer and the file will sync to the 5gb cloud.

The file will be uploaded and marked as private for you only.  You can share out the document if you wish to do so.

Google drive is an excellent Cloud storage for sharing files and pictures.

Almost Half Of All Used Hard Drives Contain Info From Previous Owners

By “almost half,” we mean a whopping 48 percent. A full 11 percent of the hard drives contained personal information, while 3 percent of the 200 drives tested contained really, really personal information, including copies of passports, resumes, tax info, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, health information and full bank details.

Almost Half Of All Used Hard Drives Contain Info From Previous Owners. (by Share)

Microsoft Security Essentials offers new update

I’ve used Microsoft Security Essentials for over a year now with zero problems.   Microsoft is offering an edition upgrade for MSE.  Go over and install or upgrade now.  Link

Already have it?  You can do a Windows Update and it will upgrade you to 4.0 for you.  DO NOT click on any emails promising an update.  Use our link above, go to, or use Windows Update ONLY.

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Why?  The Golden Question

All over the internet you will find information on ‘How to Subnet’.   Suddenly you are thrown into a world of bits and binary and given charts of ‘How to Subnet’.   But why do you subnet?

Subnets are created to separate areas of your network for security and/or to hold down broadcasts.  Computers constantly ‘talk’ to each other.   If you have a network of 10 computers, the talking (opening files or programs) or broadcasting packets that are sent out during networking is not much traffic at all.   However if you have 10,000 computers talking and passing data, you will have thousands of computers passing data and your network will slow down from all of the information.   If you still don’t understand, invite 10 friends over for a get together.  It’ll get noisy but you can still hear every conversation.    Now, go to a rock concert with 10,000…

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Ever wonder what cloud computing is?  Rackspace has an excellent program that you can take for free.   Cloud University offers ten detailed modules along with a exams for each module.    A final exam reviews each of the modules and with a score of 80% you can earn a certificate in cloud computing from Rackspace’s CloudU.   This detailed program is the work of Ben Kepes.   Ben is the curator of CloudU.    Through his arduous work, you can download a detailed curriculum, listen to webinars and take exams as many times as you need to in order to understand cloud computing.    In today’s  world of virtualization and cloud computing, Rackspace leads the pack by educating anyone who wants to learn about these exciting technologies.

After contacting Rackspace so that my students could benefit from the cloud university curriculum as a supplement.   I was met with…

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Nissan Hack A Harsh Reminder About Protecting Data Stores From Spies – Dark Reading

Nissan’s disclosure this week of a malware attack in which attackers stole employee user-account credentials was a chilling reminder of the reality of industrial espionage.

Nissan Hack A Harsh Reminder About Protecting Data Stores From Spies – Dark Reading.