Weekly blog spotlight

Every Monday we review our blog in class and visit other sites as I remember them or an when an article catches my eye.   There are great posts each week at these other sites but this acts as a reminder for me!   Be sure to visit my favorites and for a thorough list, visit Bookmark4Techs!

Bill Mullins

TweakNow PowerPack 2012  – Read Bill’s review of this excellent software that offers dozens of features to Tweak out Windows.   Also take a look at their registry cleaner!   (Thanks Mickey for pointing Bill’s post out!)

Another excellent review over at his site is Comodo Cleaning Essentials – so add this tool to help clean computers.

Also this link comes from Bill’s Tech Thoughts – Free Game Rentals at Redbox Next Week 

Rick Robinette  – “What’s on my pc”

Add 50gb of storage to your Android Device – see how by visiting Rick’s blog

Convert a PDF to Word or a PDF to Excel or create a PDF by using Microsoft Office.

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