Manage your router with Router Commander

Note:  When logging into router command you must enabled telnet on the router and although you login in as administrator or admin in the webgui, you may need to log in as root as the user.  (This is the case with DD-WRT).  Also remember it will take up to two minutes to gather data and the program will hesitate when going to things such as the connection wizard or other options.  This does NOT mean the program is not working.  Be Patient.

This data took a few minutes to update.  Once it started, it runs very smooth.

Want to manage your router graphically (Excellent graphics to show connections and other information) and see how much memory and bandwidth it is using?  Router Commander allows you to troubleshoot and tweak your router.

  • Performance Graphs
  • Connections
  • SysLog
  • Bandwidth
  • Access
  • Port Forwarding
  • IP Settings
  • DSL Settings
  • Wireless

Note:  You may need to open the Programs and features –  Turn Features on and off – enable Telnet in Windows 7 in order to communicate with your router with router commander.

Router Commander also offers SSH connection for secure communications with your router.

Get the most out of your router with DD-WRT.  DD-WRT is a firmware upgrade that turns your cheap router into an expensive router with hundreds of options.

Now go and Tweak your router settings!!

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3 comments on “Manage your router with Router Commander

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