A Word about WordPress

Our blog has been with WordPress for approximately four years.  Two times we have been under review temporarily because of our links and,  our review of certain products or software (terms of service).   WordPress has graciously reactivated our account after making sure we weren’t spamming or driving traffic to certain products.  As an educational institution, WordPress’ support team has performed above reproach by making sure our blog was legitimate and that it was not malicious.   Thank you WordPress!

Send files of any size with PipeBytes

PipeBytes allows you to send a file or files of any size.  With an upload speed of 30 mbits, you can transfer files fast and efficiently.  Often email vendors or free services limit your upload/file size.   With PipeBytes you can get your file to where it needs to go without the hassle of limitations.  You can share the file with an URL or with a code that your friend uses to ‘get’ the file.

In its Beta form, pipebytes is adding new features soon.

Need to send a large email in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010?  Do you get an error message of  ‘The attachment size exceeds the allowable limits’ ?  Here’s how to correct the error.  Article

Tweak the security on your computer

With over 470+ tweaks, True System Security Tweaker allows you to easily tweak the security on your computer.

Note:  If you use this software, make note of the changes you make so they can be easily reversed.

FREE DVD Authoring Software

Looking for a FREE way to create home video DVD’s from that camcorder you own? OR Looking for a FREE way to convert other video formats to DVD? … Check out this review over at Rick’s What’s On My PC

Rick once again has found excellent software for the end user wanting to create DVDs.

Weaponizing GPS Tracking Devices

Weaponizing GPS Tracking Devices – Darkreading.

Those low-cost embedded tracking devices in your smartphone or those personal GPS devices that track the whereabouts of your children, car, pet, or shipment can easily be intercepted by hackers, who can then pinpoint their whereabouts, impersonate them, and spoof their physical location, a researcher has discovered….read more

Control Flash Cookies and Privacy Settings

Ironically I always clean my computer but noticed several sites that still had connections to my computer….and an ad that would come to me over and over regardless of the page I visited.  Seeing this I cleaned my computer CCleaner and other utilities.   Back on the web…same thing… then I remembered- you need to clean and monitor your flash settings also.

Visit this link to control all of your flash settings.

(Below you will see the before and after of the settings on my computer.  The after is only after being on the web for 3 or 4 minutes.)