Web Proxies – The Dark Side

More and more web proxies are going online and many people (especially students) do not realize the dangers behind these sites.  Paul Lubic, Jr. (Paul’s Home Computing Blog) has an excellent article describing these dangers…more

1,000-Core Chip Could Make PCs 20 Times Faster

1,000-Core Chip Could Make PCs 20 Times Faster.

To give you some perspective, the fastest consumer processors such as Intel’s Core i7 top out at six cores. According to the Daily Mail, the 1,000-core processor processes 5 gigabytes data per second, and that’s “20 times faster than modern computers.”


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Want to control who gets on your network?

Want to control who gets on your network?  Callout DLL can still be downloaded from Microsoft and now with Windows Server 2008 you can control with an Allow/Deny.

With portable computing (netbooks, laptops, droids, blackberries, iPads, iPods, iPhones and other portable devices) many users will discover how to get on your network.  Callout DLL for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 allows your IT department to control who gets on your network.

DNS and Mail Server Information

DNS Trouble offers several online tools-

WHOIS Lookup
DNS Lookup
Host Ping
Network Trace Route
DNS Traversal
Reverse DNS Check
MX Record Check
GeoIP Location
Mail Server Validation
Spam Blacklist Check


~D. Babian

VirtualBox 4

Oracle’s VirtualBox 4 offers more changes than ever.  With rework done on drivers, the VirtualBox Manager and dozens of other changes; VirtualBox is a great tool to run other operating systems in almost any environment.  VirtulBox now offers a live preview of the running operating systems when managing other VMs.