Pay, Recruiters and Information Technology

Recruiters provide an invaluable service for clients needing IT personnel.   We work with several recruiters that offer very competitive wages and benefits along with options to go full-time within a probationary period of 60-90 days.  Working with recruiters we recently blogged for, you can see their salaries on their site which are very fair and other recruiters in Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama have also been very fair.

Interestingly enough, some recruiters call and offer help desk personnel jobs at just above minimum wage by a dollar or two.   For cost of living, we like using bankrate’s Cost of Living Comparison calculator that offers city to city comparison and use the PayScale Salary Calculator to see what the average hourly wage is for the individual area of expertise.

If you are new to IT, expect the low end of PayScale’s Salary Calculator with the minimum amount of education, experience and certifications if not slightly below the minimum amount shown.

Here’s a link to the calculator embedded on our site. (Payscale’s official site is here)

So what is the average for Nashville and helpdesk?