Which Computer Vendor is Unsecure?

Half Year Security Report by security company Secunia.  Download the PDF file here.

You’ll be surprised at the number one 3rd Party software and the number one in 10 Vendors with the most vulnerabilities.

Secunia PSI helps keep your computer secure.  Link (free)

Intel Graphics 82865G Video Driver for Windows 7

We just began to upgrade some older computers (2.4 Ghz, 80 Gb, 2 Gb RAM).  Although they are single core processor computers, they are perfect for the educational purpose they serve.   All of the drivers were easy to install except the video driver.   Although the driver is not available for Windows 7, you have two options:

  • Download the Intel XP driver and run the setup in Compatibility Mode from the Intel site.  (Aero is NOT available)  (Here)
  • Download the Vista driver from Here (yes it works)  Extract it, go to the Device Manager and Update the driver by selecting the unzipped files.   When you manually attempt to install the driver press “browse my computer for driver software”, then press “let me pick from a list of devices on my computer”. If a list comes up, select Display Adapters from the list, then find a button that says “Have Disk”. If you don’t have a list pop up, just find the “Have Disk” button. Press it, then browse to your documents folder and find the file called “ialmn5″. Select it.

The strike out above indicates the driver is no longer hosted there.  You can download the driver from here

With Kelly, Jeremy and Tasha working on these computers for the last couple of days (they have went through a true discovery mode), their discoveries have made older computers run like new and saved tax payer dollars.


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Phrases you may hear in IT

Jaguar – The World’s Fastest Computer – AMD

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Jaguar   Link

XT5 Partition
The XT5 partition contains 18,688 compute nodes in addition to dedicated login/service nodes. Each compute node contains dual hex-core AMD Opteron 2435 (Istanbul) processors running at 2.6GHz, 16GB of DDR2-800 memory, and a SeaStar 2+ router. The resulting partition contains 224,256 processing cores, 300TB of memory, and a peak performance of 2.3 petaflop/s (2.3 quadrillion floating point operations per second).