Protect Your Network With DHCP and NAP

You can use Windows Server 2008 and install DHCP and NAP (network access protection) to force a check of all computers that join your network.   As the computer boots up and request an IP address, the computer will be analyzed and if the computer does not meet security specs of your network, it will be redirected to an internal webpage. The users will be required to update their computer before their computer can join your network.

  • Requirements – Server 2008
  • At  server roles click add DHCP and Network Policies
  • Walk thru DHCP insuring your computer has a static ip address prior to starting.  Plan your ip addresses according to your network.
  • Walk thru NAP (Make sure you make a group for Authorized NAP users as shown in the last pic).

Configuration of DHCP server and Configuration of NAP Services

(Oracle picture below – Oracle (Sun’s VirtualBox) VirtualBox was used for this setup – this is NOT required)