Test Your LAN’s Throughput

Want to test your LAN’s Throughput?  Use QCheck.  Load QCheck on both computers.

Put the IP Address of the local computer on the left side  and the destination on the right side.   QCheck should be loaded on the opposite computer, reversing your IP addresses.

With the ability to measure TCP or UDP, QCheck can measure throughput and even Novell’s IPX/SPX along with several other features.

Windows 7’s System Restore Adds Index Reader

Windows 7’s System Restore adds a new index reader that lets you see exactly what will be changed based on specific restore points.

In the search box, type system restore, and press Enter.

Select a restore point and click  Scan for affected programs. A list of the files that will be deleted, added, or changed by the action will be displayed.

Review these changes.

Dawn M. Babian, GSAE