Monitor Your Microsoft Server 2003 or Server 2008

Monitor your servers with DreamSys Server Monitor.  This utility contacts your servers to make sure they are up.  If the servers fail to respond, you can receive a text message alerting you of the failure.


Synchronize Hard Drives or FTP Your Data

Do you need to keep synchronized hard drives so that backup data is accurate and up-to-date.  Fling can do this for you.  With a multitude of options, try it out.  Link   Although this software says it is for FTP, it can be used hard drive to hard drive.

Virtualbox 3.0 Beta Supporting Advanced Graphics

Being a VirtualBox fan, it is one of the best tools to have more than one computer on a single computer.  You can use it to test programs, software and other applications.  Link  I just checked out the Beta and it will be awesome when the final is released.’s Blog Review of Virtualbox

From Sun’s Website

Links to how to’s on VirtualBox

Tools for Server 2003

Microsoft usual puts out resource tools for Servers and operating systems.  Here is their link for Server 2003 Tools

Here is just one of the tools-

Robocopy.exe: Robust File Copy Utility
A versatile utility for maintaining an identical copy of a folder and its sub-folders in more than one location for backups.

Find Unwanted Programs that start with your computer

If you have a software program NOT to start with Windows, you can go into msconfig.msc or the startup group and uncheck or delete the program. Sometimes you can’t find where the program is starting (Malware, Spyware or a program that uninstalled improperly). WinPatrol Portable can run from a USB drive and fix those unwanted services, programs, toolbars …etc.