Hiding Your Computer

Cecil sent a recent article on hiding your computer in a network.  With Netscan and IP Scanners, the computer can be found.  However, below is the method they used.

Windows XP

WinBubble can be used – Under Tweaking Toolbox, you can select to hide your computer.  (Remember in a corporate environment, the firewall and servers will find you.)  These tips are good for home users to ‘hide’ in their network or if you are at a hot spot.

The server service can also be used if you go to a cmd prompt and type:

Net config server /hidden:yes

(Remember, if you have shared folders they will still be seen (you are invisible in Network Places)

 Windows Vista – open the cmd prompt as Administrator: Start Menu -type “cmd” - CTRL+Shift+Enter and hit Continue.

Remeber, your firewall is the best bet when hidding.

To check if your computer is hidden in the network neighborhood go to the cmd prompt and type:

Net config server

Server Name \\computer_name
Server Comment

Software version Windows Vista (TM)  Version
Server is active on
NetbiosSmb (The computer’s name)
NetBT_Tcpip_{4365E532-AF25-4C8E-C31E-5D3BG50F7043} (MyPC)

Server hidden Yes
Maximum Logged On Users 10
Maximum open files per session 16384

Idle session time (min) 15
The command completed successfully.

Want to Show it Again?

Net config server /hidden:no

Good article…. hiding computers in a ‘hot spot’ or in a public area isn’t a bad idea.  Remember, browsers that don’t keep your cache (privacy) or hiding your computer in a corporation is fruitless.  The servers and firewalls (hardware) will rat you out.