Versions of Windows 7

James is right.  Man, can’t we get an OS, just an OS?!  I don’t want someone asking me if I want “fries with that”.

Windows 7 Starter  …. sounds weak, not many features, good for ‘netbooks’

Windows 7 Home Premium – more features – AeroPeek, MediaCenter stuff

Windows 7 Professional – for most businesses – file encryption – workstation stuff (Windows XP Professional)

Windows 7 Enterprise – BitLocker full-disk encryption and direct access capability

Windows 7 Ultimate – All of the features

Windows 7 Outrageous – All the features of any operating system made. OK, I made that one up.

I am really impressed by Windows 7 see – Windows XP vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows 7 UPDATE!

Test it yourself    –    Setting up Windows 7 Beta on VirtualBox

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One comment on “Versions of Windows 7

  1. noactive says:

    Versions of Windows 7 .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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